We Love Trails

That is why we do so much in our stores and in the community to encourage trail running, hiking, biking, and getting into woods in general.  Not only do we stock the absolute greatest trail running footwear and gear, we more importantly provide numerous opportunities for you to experience the fantastic trail systems we have in Los Angeles.  After all, who doesn't love getting a little dirty sometimes! 

Respect Our Trails

Deeply embedded in the the laid back, casual culture of trail running is the profound respect for the trails and the folks who build and maintain them, as well as the earth itself.  Trail runners are also not the only people who use the trails.  Mountain bikers, hikers, horse back rides and adventure racers all rely on the same systems and quality of trails to enjoy their respective activities.  

Like any sport, trail running has a culture and a code of conduct; we consider respect for the trails the most important value of any trail runner.  Beyond that, it's a pretty casual, happy-go-lucky kind of culture that has been luring people in for decades! Love the trails and they will love you back.

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