Training Programs

At Fleet Feet Sports, we take training programs seriously. 

We have seen lives changed from people making the commitment to take the next step towards better health.  Whether it's been being able to get off blood pressure medication, being able to battle back after cancer treatment, or finding the energy to play with grand-kids, our training programs have changed lives.  We offer programs for everyone - For those who are currently sedentary, those who are looking to race their next marathon, and everyone in between.  Get plugged in - You'll enjoy it!

Information that  applies to all of our training programs:

  •  We meet twice a week - Tuesday nights at 6:30pm at our store and Saturday mornings at 8:00am at Balboa Park near the golf course
  •  On Tuesdays we have people from different health fields come in to talk about nutrition, injury prevention, the benefits of insoles, and others!
  •  Core workouts and foam rolling exercises will be performed after our workout on Tuesdays.
  •  You are also entitled to free Yoga4 Runners every Thursday at 7:30pm

Interested in training for a certain distance? Click below to learn more about our upcoming/current training programs!

5k/10k Training Program

Half-Marathon Training Program

Marathon Training Program

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