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Fleet Feet Sports Encino is always interested in helping others get on their way to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. We would love the opportunity to speak to you and your coworkers/employees/group through a Lunch-N-Learn, Health Fair, Wellness Seminar, or other special event. When you are ready to take the next step towards workplace wellness we are here to help. Here are some of the ways we want to partner with you:

LUNCH AND LEARNS--Give us 45 minutes, we’ll help your employees take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Select from our Ln’L Series (below) to enhance your workplace.

ON-SITE “FIT” BY OUR EXPERTS--Decrease healthcare costs in your business! From knee to hip pain to recurring headaches, a body not aligned from the ground up is not at its highest potential.Let us come to you. Individual on-site analysis & recommendations. Now it CAN fit into the lunch break.

We also offer a Superfeet Insert Corporate Program with bulk pricing and our full-service approach to supporting your company!

COACH-LED TRAINING PROGRAMS--Find out about corporate participation rates for our  No Boundaries Couch to 5K training programs and Long Distance Training Program.

Not sure what support you need? Contact Karen at We'll sit down with you to create a plan specific for your workplace needs.

Popular Lunch & Learn options:

  • Session I: FITness From the Ground Up. So much of what we do in our daily lives (particularly the workplace) impacts our body's ability to tolerate the stress of exercising/staying fit. Not only will we will discuss key tips related staying motivated and staying injury free, but also things that can be done at the workplace to avoid accumulating extra strain during non-workout times.
  • Session II: Trends in the Fitness Industry: Are You “In The Know”? Running and Walking continue as the most popular fitness activities across the country. Join Fleet Feet Sports Encino for a quick and fun review of current and upcoming footwear trends, technology that is improving the fit and function apparel , and the reality about those get-fit-quick options on the market!
  • Session III: Eating for Health & Performance—You Are What You Eat! Nutrition is a key component of any fitness program because it will allow you to perform better and recover more quickly. With so many different products and opinions out there, it can be difficult to determine the best nutrition plan for you. Let Fleet Feet Sports Encino guide you through proper everyday nutrition, as well as products to use during & after your training. Note: Taste-testing involved.
  • NEW Session IV: Good Form Running**. Got a running club or group training for a local upcoming event? Then let us come in to share some great tips and tricks for proper running form. GFR is a process of training intended to help you run faster, more efficiently, and injury free. With a focus on proper mechanics, GFR aims to help runners of all ages and abilities achieve these goals. GFR I addresses Alignment and proper Biomechanics, providing you ways to make adjustments to your form for improvement.  **This is a 45-minute clinic. It is very difficult to adjust the content to fit a smaller window of time. Participants are encouraged but not required to dress in comfortable clothing and running shoes.

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