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There are often times when you wish you could go out and run a mile or ten, but due to certain activity-halting events like bad weather, football games, family commitments, or just getting out of work late, it’s sometimes impossible to leave of the house and run or train. Many people have conveniently turned to treadmills to supplement their outdoor running and so that competitive runners don’t skip a beat during training.

Because purchasing a treadmill can be an overwhelming investment with so many brands and options, the people from have created a comprehensive guide designed to help runners find the treadmill that suits their training needs; spending hundreds of hours conducting a comprehensive study of 65 of the best treadmills - reviewing specs and options of each one, assessing them on over 20 features, and conducted hands-on testing. The end result was a data-driven, non-biased guide to help people and runners find the right treadmill and reach their goals.

You can see the full guide here: was made to help people make better decisions with guides written by industry experts. Many publications and governmental health agencies already use the guide as resources for their readers because of their data-driven analysis, detailed comparisons and expert reviews. Here are a few examples:

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