Marga's Corner- Ambassador


Meet our official Fleet Feet Ambassador.

For several years Marga Feeney has been a wonderful mentor for No Boundaries 5K/10K Training Programs.

She has been a big part of helping the group members grow and develop and create a


But how did Marga get into all of this? Legend has it Marga began running only about 3 years ago.

Marga did Karate for many years. During one of her competitions she broke her foot and was told she could no longer do any competitive sports.

As time went by she grew discouraged and very busy with life. She found herself working overtime at her job. For an entire year she worked early mornings to 10PM as well as weekends. Her diet was poor and her

"I couldn't do past 6. I just couldn't. I didn't know how...You know, you need to be taught."




Her advice to new runners, or those wanting to get involved is

1. To not do it on your own. Try to get involved with a group like Fleet Feet.

2. Get advice from the coach 

3. you will realize there are a lot of things you do not know and NEED to know.

this way you will get better results, your running experience will be more enjoyable.


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